Expedition Operators Association-Nepal (EOA-Nepal) was established with the soul goal of providing a platform for prolific and reputed expedition operators of the Nepalese tourism industry to unite in their efforts to efficiently promote and improve the quality of expeditions in the Himalayan region. EOA-Nepal, a non-profit organization, will provide expedition operators with sound assistance and advice against hazards that plague expeditions not only in Nepal, but also in the neighboring counties; India, Pakistan, and Tibet Autonomous Region of China.
Expeditions are part of a dynamic industry that involves individuals from all facets of society and consequentially contributes to a huge portion of national annual revenues. By servicing such a dynamic industry in an advisory capacity, EOA-Nepal wishes develop a sense of equal responsibility and ownership among the members for all aspects related to expeditions. A united front will prove vital in promoting and improving existing expeditions, developing new expeditions, and venturing into new territories; foreign and domestic.
Ultimately, EOA-Nepal wishes to sensitize members into forming a catalytic association that will allow for better expedition operations throughout Nepal, facilitating innovations and improvements. I respectfully commend the continual support of all current members and sincerely welcome future members to join EOA-Nepal’s efforts.
Best regards,



Dambar Parajuli



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